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As per the Disability Discrimination Act 2004, all full height glazed glass including Doors require manifestation which can be visibally seen from both sides, in all light conditions between 850mm - 1000mm and 1400mm - 1600mm. For many clients, a row of frosted dots or squares are sufficient, but why not use this as an opportunity to add corporate branding such as logos or banded films to give privacy?

Specialists in Glass Manifestations, D & C Graphics are able to offer a complete service, from design all the way through to installation. From standard Opal Frosted to Frosted Crystal films, we can cut and design films to suit your needs. Many clients will already have logos and brand guidelines which they would like to be incorporated into frosting, if this is the case simply supply us with an .ai, .eps or high quality .pdf file, and a CMYK/Pantone colour reference if necessary to ensure it is an exact match.

Please contact us for a free quote on all of your manifestation needs. All quotes include a proof design if requested, which can be customised to suit your designs. If you would like us to send you a frosted sample swatch please contact us.



Heat & Glare Control

Proof Example.jpg

One of our most popular in the heat and glare control range, Silver 20 solar control film can also provide additional benefits such as daytime one-way privacy, uniform outside appearance, winter heating savings, up to 99% ultraviolet light (UV) filtering. 

As well as the physical benefits, the film can also help reduce costs in cooling offices by lightening the load on air conditioning equipment. 

Excessive heat can also cause discomfort to individuals within a building, Silver 20 helps to reduce the discomfort caused by excessive heat and by glaring reflections off computer screens. The film is most commonly applied internally, giving a lightly tinted look from inside and a silver reflective look from the outside, ideal for privacy in buildings such as schools.

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UV Films

Commonly known in the industry as 'museum films', Clear protective UV Films stop UV films distorting colours of items in direct sunlight. This is also the case for items such as blinds which could fade in colour after being exposed to UV rays. For people sitting next to windows in offices, clear UV protection also helps protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

Safety Films

Also commonly known as 'bomb blast films', these are designed to keep toughened glass in one piece should a panel break. These keeps the environment around safe from thousands of pieces of glass being spread around the area. Atrium glass is subject to being protected from this, to stop harmful pieces of glass falling through building if a panel was to break.

Being Clear, it does not change the look of the glazing at all allowing to you take advantage of our manifestations as well as this important safety feature.

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